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We have some very important information to share with you: Unfortunately, we have to close the token sale early (effective from 12:00 UTC 26 February), but we will be back very soon!

For more information, please read the following announcement on Medium or talk to us in Telegram.

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Gimmer offers easy-to-use advanced algorithmic trading bots that require no programming skills, no previous trading experience and no in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

Gimmer is perfect for advanced, intermediate and novice traders and investors who want to make money on the cryptocurrency and do not have the time to watch the markets all day long.

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Benefits of Gimmer


Suitable for experienced, intermediate and novice traders


The automated trading bots work 24/7 so you don’t have to


No previous trading experience or knowledge of programming needed


Integrated social community so you can learn with fellow traders


Using the latest technologies to keep your accounts safe

Multiple exchanges from one account

Connect your bots to major exchanges such as Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex and many others


Automated crypto-trading DAPP

Create your own trading strategies using our simple to use point and click interface

Multi-coin crypto-trading

Select multiple currency pairs to trade and let our bot’s decide which pair to trade when

Rent strategies in the Bot Store

Choose from a wide range of trading strategies created by fellow traders

Customise your strategies

Choose from growing list of indicators and safeties to create your ultimate trading strategy


To get a taste of how Gimmer works, please try our backtest demo, it uses historical data and not real capital.

Let us know what you think!




(For Desktop only)


The Gimmer ecosystem has its own form of currency called Gimmer Tokens (GMR). Every purchase, rental, sale, exchange, reward or fee made in the ecosystem will require the use of GMR Tokens.


Start: 1 February 2018 (12:00 UTC)
End: 28 February 2018 (12:00 UTC)

Available in Presale

15,000,000 GMR

Available in public token sale :

85,000,000 GMR (plus any unsold presale tokens)


35,000 ETH

Soft CAP

4.800 ETH


1 ETH = 2500 GMR
(plus applicable bonus)


Presale 30 ETH
Public Token Sale 0.1 ETH

WEEK 1 +20%
WEEK 2 +15%
WEEK 3 +10%
WEEK 4 +5%
WEEK 1 +20%
WEEK 2 +15%
WEEK 3 +10%
WEEK 4 +5%


The amount of GMR created for bounties, advisers, reserves and team will be equivalent to 10% of the amount of GMR tokens issued (Tokens sold plus bonus offered). (Bounties +4% of total tokens issued. Advisers, reserves & team +6% of total tokens issued)

100M Available in token sale
6M Advisors, Reserves and Team
4M Bounties


All the funding raised during the Token Sale will be used in driving Gimmer along our road map so we can bring Gimmer faster to you. The following chart breaks down how the funds raised will be divided between the core functions.


RnD and Operations


Marketing and acquisition


Founders and team


Legal and compliance


Please read our different whitepapers for detailed information on Gimmer’s ecosystem and the Token Sale.


With help from our supporters, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking to achieve and when:

  • Q2 2018
    Q2 2018


    Decentralize Gimmer and release as DAPP so that it is cheaper and faster to use, and gives users the ability to run more bots at the same.

  • Q3 2018
    Q3 2018


    Connect to multiple exchange accounts and use Gimmer bots to analyse which exchange will give the best rate for selling the asset, then automatically reallocating accordingly to get the best rate.

  • Q4 2018
    Q4 2018


    Create a bot to monitor the lending market and offer loans on the currencies with the best returns.

  • Q1 2019
    Q1 2019


    Simple app with push notifications to keep users up to date with their performance at all times.

  • Q2 2019
    Q2 2019


    To have Gimmer functional with 8 new exchanges by this time

  • Q2 2019
    Q2 2019


    Real time testing for trading bot strategies using real market data, but without the need to use real cryptocurrency.

  • Q3 2019
    Q3 2019


    Enable users to copy other traders entire actions giving them the same potential for profit and loss.

  • Q4 2019
    Q4 2019


    This bot aims to take small and regular profits from lower value trades.

  • Q4 2019
    Q4 2019


    To have Gimmer functional with 8 new exchanges by this time.

  • Q1 2020
    Q1 2020

    AI BOT

    AI bots will have a range of cool features such as hybrid indicators and self testing strategies to find the most profitable ones.

  • Q2 2020
    Q2 2020


    Create your own risk profile so suitable strategies can be matched and suggested.

  • Q3 2020
    Q3 2020


    Combine multiple trading bot strategies into a single portfolio strategy. You can make a portfolio strategy public or make it available to rent to other users through the bot store.

  • Q4 2020
    Q4 2020


    To have Gimmer functional with 8 new exchanges by this time.

  • Q1 2021
    Q1 2021


    This AI bot that will create and test different strategies and will recommend – based on your risk profile – the best most profitable trading bot strategy for you.


I’m is a full-stack developer with more 16 years of experience in the field. I focused on creating intelligent solutions using Blockchain technology. My goal is to develop strategic and innovative solutions for the digital landscape and by that, impact people’s lives positively. In last 2 years I started in the crypto world doing trading and developing automated trade bots. Today I’m founder on Gimmer and I intends it to be the world’s largest platform of investments in cryptocurrencies. Writing smart contracts in Solidity and develop solutions using NodeJS, JavaScript/TypeScript, Angular, MongoDB, C#, Python and many other program languages and frameworks.

Pérsio Flexa

As co-founder and CEO I am responsible for defining the vision and strategic direction of Gimmer. I combine my passion for blockchain technologies with my experience as a leader in service design and user experience design and have been working to make Gimmer the best Automated Crytpocurrency platform available. This involves having and maintaining a deep understanding and empathy of Gimmers users from experienced algorithmic traders and novice traders. Over the last 2 years, I have been building a strong team of Blockchain, Design, Trading, Communications and Software development experts from around the world to help evolve Gimmer from a dream into a reality. My mission is to make trading and investing in cryptocurrencies easy and accessible to everyone. No matter what their background or financial experience.

Philipe Comini

I work closely with the CEO and CTO shaping the vision and direction of the business, and then focus on designing business systems and processes that enable the successful implementation of the business strategy. This includes the daily operations of a multi-disciplined team operating across 5 countries and 5 different times zones. As Gimmer is quickly becoming a global brand, this also includes working with Blockchain Advisers and Partners from all around the world to make sure that our business and product is compliant with the various emerging laws and DLT regulations such as those set by the jurisdiction of Gibraltar, where Gimmer is registered.

Paul Lindsell

Arrykrishna, also known as Harry, has 7+ years of experience in Mathematics, Physics and Computing. Recently, he has been working extensively in Bayesian methods, building mathematical models that can best explain astronomical data. He envisions extending his knowledge of probabilistic modelling in interpreting financial data which will certainly be valuable in the crypto-currency paradigm. He also has a keen interest in general Machine Learning topics, including deep learning methods

Arrykrishna M.
Data scientist & ML enthusiast

Lucas is a full stack developer with 7 years of experience working in the area. Always aiming to work at the bleeding edge of technology, his goal is making Gimmer the number one stop for traders. He believes that blockchain technology is a game changer and all business that want to keep evolving will have to rely at some degree on transparent and trustworthy technologies like blockchain.

Lucas Assis
Full stack Developer & Crypto Trader

William has 11 years of experience on development for web technologies. He also is a blockchain enthusiast and wants to bring the way people trade cryptocurrencies to next level. He works full time on Gimmer and he is excited to be part of the building of the smartest automated trading solution in cryptocurrencies. William is also involved with other blockchain related fintech startups.

William Xavier
Full stack Developer & Crypto Trader

João Renato is a multi skilled Senior Project Manager specialised in Logistics, User Experience Planning and Commercial relations. He was named Project Director for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and since then he looks after the United States Olympic Committee. One of his main achievements was managing over 250 staff and looking after 1500+ guests and athletes priorly, during and after the event. Currently, he is focused on the crypto-trading and alt coins finance markets. Ambitious and committed, he is already in contact with major companies and startups within the cryptocurrency industry. He believes that cryptocurrencies have a huge potential and will be the next leap in our evolution. He believes that blockchain technology will have a huge impact and will shape the near future.

JR Mascarin
Commercial Director Europe

Masaichi has a experience in the world of traditional global financial market for over 20 years. He is a specialist in asset allocations and trading. He focus is global macro strategies, investing from foreign exchanges, equities, sovereign and corporate bonds, commodities such as precious metals to petroleum. He also uses derivative products to enhance or hedge the portfolios. He also participates in private equity that invests in companies, both established and start-ups and real estate. His goal is to analyse the crypto-currency market with a traditional market perspective and its relationship with the traditional markets.

Masaichi Hasegawa
Commercial Director Asia

Michel has a background in advertising. In Brazil, he worked for one of the country’s largest digital agencies and also for one of the most awarded ones in the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Along his career, some of his clients were: Pernod Ricard, Unilever, Motorola, Intel, McDonald's, Amex Int’l, Sony Pictures, MI5/MI6/GCHQ/HMGCC and Credit Suisse. In London, he worked as a Data Manager for the GroupM agency which oversees investments for the WPP group. Michel participates in the Product Design. He conducts competitive researches and data analysis.

Michel Comini
Marketing Director

PR prof with more than 15 years of experience in the IT and Telco industries. Olga worked for worldwide corporations such as IBM, Mobile TeleSystems (one of the largest Telcos in Russia), and Parallels, but left them for startups (Aviasales and a number of blockchain projects). Olga has classical skills within media and the Internet PR in the high-tech industry, and familiar with all types of PR activities, events, and content. She lives in London but still loves Russia dearly.

Olga Rusakova
Head of PR (Russia)

I first discovered cryptocurrencies in 2014 and have been involved with them in one way or another since. I have encouraged hundreds of individuals to get involved with cryptocurrencies and assisted them with getting their hands on their first ETH. I did all of this while in my role and working in production over the years. Blockchain industry started gaining significant traction last year and I realized how many people lack the knowledge of the industry itself and I was working as a bridge between the technology and community. That's when I started working with blockchain projects as a community manager, bridging the information gap.

Rok Gorjan
Bounty & Community Manager

Evgheny has started as a classical entrepreneur in 2006. For 7 years he has been running business projects in construction. Evgheny worked with such Russian giants like Lukoil, Gazprom, X5 Retail Group in glass constructions. Since 2013 he is interested in startups and felt in love with innovations, IT, Fintech and Blockchain projects. 3 years experience in VC (2 years as a head of VentureClub in Saint-Petersburg, Russia). Expertise in VC, business strategy, startups, Due Deal, marketing and business modeling. Blockchain evangelist and crypto enthusiast. Became Gimmer’s Russian Ambassador in December 2017.

Evgheny Turvinenko
Head of ICO Strategy (Russia)

Benjamin is a freelance journalist. With nearly three years of experience, he writes the latest news and trends of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and fintech. His articles are published at prominent news sites, including Bitcoin Magazine, ETHNews, CryptoCoinsNews, and DeepDotWeb. Majored in Marketing Management, he is studying Commerce and Marketing at the Budapest Business School. Benjamin believes the world entered into a new era with the appearance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech, and he thinks the financial system should be completely decentralized to function decently.'

Benjamin Vitáris

Joao Guilherme focus on marketing, User Experience Research and help Gimmer to tailor unique experiences for customers. His deep analysis of the current crypto market are fundamental on building strong databases for Gimmer which helps on understanding the business and users needs. He thinks cryptocurrencies are already a reality and it will tend to fall in common sense very soon being broadly accepted world wide.

JG Mascarin
Customer Researcher

Bia has been working in the Social Communication area for almost 20 years. Her Growth Hacking skills helped several companies around the world including an Australian organisation called ANTaR Qld where she created a new website, changed the perspective of the visitors and and tripled the online visibility of the organisation. Arduino is her passion, she developed The Seguran System which is a mobile app linked to Arduino for home automation that provides more security and comfort to people with reduced mobility. She´s an IT enthusiast and her mission is to bring more women to revolutionise the cryptotrading world.

Beatriz Marques
Community Manager


Featured in the WSJ, New York based Margaux Avedisian is a publicist, entrepreneur, partner and advisor in the Bitcoin and Blockchain industry since 2012.Margaux is currently EVP at Transform PR, the leading blockchain public relations firm which has represented more than 100 blockchain companies and over 60 ICOs including Ethereum, Augur, Golem, Maidsafe, Unikoin Gnosis, Bancor and Unikoin. She is also cofounder and Partner at the premier Pre-ICO investment Pool, CoolPool and soon to launch fund. Prior to joining Transform PR, Margaux cofounded MonetaGo (a blockchain value transfer company) and Tradehill (the first Bitcoin exchange in America) as well as AlphaPoint (a whitelabel exchange software solution). She was featured in the documentary “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” and is also a standup comedian.

Margaux Avedisian
PR Strategy

Alexander Kravets is the founder of XTRADE.IO, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency trading technology company which unifies fragmented cryptocurrency liquidity via a normalized FIX API, the XTRADE PRO trading platform, and aggregated liquidity pools across exchanges. He is an advisor to several curated blockchain projects. Alexander has a strong background in high frequency and proprietary trading for over 12 years. After starting a career as a successful proprietary equity trader shortly after 9/11, he subsequently acted as a Managing Director at a self-clearing broker/dealer on Wall St that provided direct market access (DMA), advanced trading software, and co-location services while handling 4% of daily NASDAQ trading volume. Successfully launched Sogotrade, a retail investing platform for over 100,000 clients. Highly experienced in entrepreneurship, trading platforms, equity market structure, market data networks, algorithmic trading, execution systems, brokerage back office systems, trade support, operations, sales, AI, and visual analytics. Alexander has testified as an expert witness in equity markets and account structure on behalf of the SEC and has held Series 7, 55, 63, and 24 securities licenses with FINRA.

Alexander Kravets
Advanced Trading Platform Technologies

Dr. Claudio Lima is an industry thought leader and entrepreneur in Advanced Digital Transformation. He's the founder of the Blockchain Engineering Council - BEC, promoting the industry advances and intersection of Internet of Things-IoT, Blockchain and Machine Learning/AI. He is leading advanced research and has created the industry vision and project initiatives to develop smart contract-driven autonomous bot machines (auto-bots), using AI and edge-IOT computing. He's passionate for Blockchain Distributed Ledger and Crypto-Current technologies. Previously, Dr. Lima served as Global Smart Grid CTO of Huawei Technologies in Europe-Asia-Pacific and as Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS)/Sr. Research Scientist at Sprint Advanced Technology Labs (Sprint ATL), in Silicon Valley-CA. He has set up and led global advanced research and engineering projects with collaboration in a wide variety of industries. He also served as Vice Chair of the IEEE 2030 Smart Grid Standards, where he made significant contributions to the development of global Smart Grid. He has more than 100+ conference keynote speaker presentations and scientific research that has been published in leading peer-reviewed journals, including 12 USPTO patent awards. He received his Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering in 1995 at University of Kent (England). Dr. Lima is currently Co-Chair of the IIC - Industrial Internet Consortium, Energy, promoting Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Machine Learning/AI and Industrial Blockchain collaboration with industry partners, driving the Digital Transformation. He is also a regular speaker in IoT/Blockchain/AI conferences.

Claudio Lima, Ph.D.
Blockchain, Machine Learning/AI

Justin is the Chief Operating Officer of investFeed - the leading cryptocurrency social network – powered by over 105,000+ crypto specific investors and enthusiasts since transitioning into Beta in January 2018. Justin has been a part of several successful ICOs, including investFeed’s, and has a passion for progressive decentralization and blockchain innovation. Previously, Justin had a lengthy career in traditional equities, specifically supervising risk management for several US proprietary trading groups in addition to creating and operating a disruptive software and event ticketing business.

Justin Jovanovic
ICO and Crypto-Strategy Adviser

Lex is a futurist and entrepreneur focused on the next generation of financial services.He directs Fintech Strategy at Autonomous Research, a global research firm for the financial sector, helping clients understand and leverage innovation. Covered themes include roboadvice, neobanks and banks - as - aplatform, blockchain and the cryptoeconomy, artificial intelligence, chatbots, insurtech and regtech. Lex is on the Board of Directors and previously was the Chief Operating Officer at AdvisorEngine(formerly Vanare), a digital wealth management technology platform.He was also founder and CEO of NestEgg Wealth, a roboadvisor that pioneered online wealth management in partnership with financial advisors, acquired by AdvisorEngine. Lex is a contributor of thought leadership to the WSJ, the Economist, CNBC, Reuters, Investopedia, American Banker, ThinkAdvisor, and Investment News, among others.He has spoken on the future of technology and achieving extraordinary growth at conferences for Money2020, LendIt, Techonomy, In Vest, T3 Enterprise Edition, and the Financial Planning Association. Prior to NestEgg, Lex held a variety of roles in investment management and banking at Barclays, Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank.He holds a JD / MBA from Columbia University and a Economics and Law from Amherst College.

Lex Sokolin
Fintech, Futurism and Autonomous research

Marcus Killick (LLb Mphil) is the Chief Executive Officer of ISOLAS LLP law firm. He is also Non-Executive Chairman of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group (GSX) as well as a non-executive director of a number of other companies, including; the Gibraltar International Bank, Tradewise Insurance Company Ltd, Tradewise Group of Companies Ltd, European Financial Planning Group , Peninsula Underwriting Ltd and Callaghan’s Insurance Brokers . He is also co-owner of Rock Publishing (owner of the Gibraltar Magazine) Previously he served as CEO of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission for nearly eleven years. Marcus is also an adviser on a number of Initial Token Offerings. He was called to the Bar in England in 1989 and admitted as a Member of the New York State Bar in 1990 (now retired from both). He is also a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments. Marcus was awarded the OBE in the 2014 New Year’s Honours List. Marcus was also Chairman of the Gibraltar Investors Compensation Scheme and the Gibraltar Deposit Guarantee Board and the Group of International Insurance Centre Supervisors Marcus is currently also a Chairperson of the Commission of the Office of Fair Trading. Prior roles also include Deputy Chief Executive of the Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission, Head of Banking and Investments at the Cayman Island Monetary Authority and Director in KPMG's Financial International Regulatory Services Team. Marcus was one of the founding directors of the United Kingdom Association of Compliance Officers (Subsequently renamed the Compliance Institute). He was also principle author of two Transparency International's reports on Money Laundering. Marcus has been a regular speaker at conferences and currently focuses on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Crypto currency. He has also lectured at a number of courses, including on corporate governance and Board responsibility.

Marcus Killick
DLT Regulations and Legal Adviser

Jitendra is the Smart Contract adviser at Gimmer. He has a passion for Blockchain, Smart Contracts developments. He is having 11 years of diverse experience in the software development. He is the Founder and Leader of New Delhi & NCR Java User Group(JUG). He is also a regular speaker in local meetups, conferences & Hackthons. He has been hacking and developing the Smart Contracts and Distributed Apps since more then a year. Jitendra is an experienced Blockchain & Java Engineer, Hacker and Speaker who has been developing Java server side application since more then a decade with multiple domains FinTech, Contact Center, Instant Messengers. He is an expert in Smart Contract development and Security.

Jitendra Chittoda
Smart Contract Security Adviser

Eleanor’s expertise lies in Fintech, Organisational Innovation and Data. She joins Gimmer as an advisor with 20 years’ experience spanning a wide range of industry sectors but with a passion for and particular interest in Finance. Eleanor currently combines her consulting, agency and client-side experience to bridge the gaps between Customer, Business and Technology delivering future facing transformational change at pace, end to end and front to back. She believes in applying disruptive, new ways of working to drive innovation and is a keen advocate for the appropriate application of AI, RPA and Machine Learning. She has a personal interest in Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain. Eleanor also has an MSc in Cyberpsychology and an in-depth understanding of people’s use of Digital technologies. She founded ground breaking Digital Data and Insight functions at the UK’s leading Digital Agencies pioneering new research methodologies. She has also blogged for the Telegraph on the psychology of technology and lectured at Cranfield University. She continues to provide expert comment on the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality on behaviour and society in the media.

Eleanor Barlow
Fintech, Business Strategy and Operational innovation

Aman is an engineer by chance and entrepreneur by choice. Aman, got to know about bitcoin couple of years back. He left his job to work on blockchain technology. He is a founder of towardsblockchain, a smart contract development, AI, ML and blockchain education in India. He is an active speaker in blockchain community in the country. Aman, was invited by the Govt. to speak about the industrial revolution technology- blockchain in different colleges of the state. Having accomplished management course from IIT D, he gives strategic solutions. He has also been very active in equity and crypto trading space. His advice has benefitted a lot of people. He is also about to setup cryptocurrency hedge fund.

Aman Sanduja
Crypto Trader and Blockchain speaker

Harsh is CEO of Cryptofyre and a seasoned entrepreneur who brings his analytical and marketing expertise to the team. His core skills lay in making data driven decisions, growth hacking and improving a companies digital footprint.

Harsh Jani
Blockchain Growth Hacking and ICO Marketing


We are grateful to be working with such great companies.


Legal Council

Fiduciary Group

Company Solutions


Crypto-Market Technology Provider


Financial Services PR

Microsoft Bizspark

Startup Accelerator Program


Marketing Partner


Data Science provider


Blockchain Technologies

Meet us

Events Gimmer will attend and Sponsor

Trading Cryptocurrencies

17 February 2018, Dublin

The Crypto Economy in London

25 & 26 January 2018, London

Sponsorship Long Drive World Series

8 February 2018, Dubai

Gimmer ICO Investment and Marketing

31st Jan 2018, London

Dag van de Crypto - Amsterdam RAI.

29 and 30 January, Amsterdam

The Blockchain Machine Learning

22, 23, 24 January 2018, Orlando


22 January 2018, London

UNLOCK Blockchain

14 - 15 January 2018, Dubai

Crypto Invest Forum Moscow

15 December 2017, Russia

Big ICO Roadshow Moscow

14 December 2017, Russia

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

7 December 2017, Malta

Blockchain Begginners ICO

6 December 2017, London

ICO Summit Amsterdam

29 November 2017, Amsterdam

Blockchain Summit

28 November 2017, Olympia, London


19 November 2017, Birmingham, UK


  • Why do you only accept ETH?

    By restricting the ability to purchase GMR using only ETH, we’ve increased the level of security for supporters exponentially. We’ve also made the process of buying GMR tokens much simpler, as the ERC20 wallet you send ETH from, is the wallet that your GMR tokens will be sent to.

  • When will i receive my gimmer tokens (GMR)?

    You will be automatically sent GMR tokens when your transaction has been confirmed. The GMR tokens will be visible in your ERC20 wallet but will remain non transferable until the token sale has ended.

  • What is Gimmer?

    Gimmer is an automated trading platform for cryptocurrencies.

  • What is the Gimmer Token?

    The Gimmer Token or GMR is an ERC20 cryptocurrency meaning it is based on Ethereum. Gimmer Tokens only have value in the Gimmer ecosystem, they can be used to pay for trading bots and other services such as renting strategies from Gimmer users, renting investment portfolio strategies, lending strategies and more.

  • What is the Gimmer ecosystem?

    The Gimmer ecosystem is social trading platform for people interested in cryptocurrencies. There are a variety of services within the ecosystem including automated crypto-trading and automated crypto-lending.

  • What will determine the price of Gimmer Tokens?

    Once in exchanges, the value of Gimmer token (GMR) may fluctuate with demand and market conditions.

  • How do i send and receive Gimmer Token?

    We recommend using MetaMask to store your Gimmer tokens, but you can use any compatible ERC20 Ethereum based wallet including the following:

    MyEtherWallet (online)
    Mist (desktop)
    Parity (browser)
    Gnosis (online)
    imToken (Mobile)

  • When will GMR token be listed in exchanges?

    We will aim to have GMR tokens listed on exchanges as soon as possible.

  • Which exchanges will GMR be listed on?

    Initially they will be listed on all exchanges that support ERC20 compatible wallets. The initial list is:,

  • GMR have 18 decimals, each decimal is called GIM coin.

    GIM coins are the decimal fractions of the Token.